There are No Bad Children

A child never misbehaves. If a child behaves in a way we call “wrong”, then it is a result of the caretaker’s misconduct and the child’s so-called “misbehaviour” should be regarded as a call for help. This is also true for our inner child. If we are procrastinating, it is not because we are lazy, but because we have this fear of not doing good-enough to please authority figures, including “others”. What is needed is not to discipline the child/inner child, but to understand how and why s/he is suffering, and then the behaviour will change automatically. 

The literal translation of the original title in Turkish is “All Children are Good”. The book is meant to be for readers of all ages, including children. This is why it is written in a simple language. It is also full of examples told to us in forms of stories. The book is dedicated “to the child, and to the child within every one of us” and aims the child/inner child to gain a better understanding of his/her rights and take the initiative stolen from him/her. The book basically aims broadening our understanding of abuse and enhancing our thinking to defend ourselves against abuse.